Seth Burrill Productions, Inc. and the Anglerís Xperience were founded in the winter of 2004. Seth found a way to combine his love of teaching with his passion for fishing. The goal of the Anglerís Xperience is to create a program based on instruction. Anglers are constantly on a quest to gain knowledge about the species they pursue and the Anglerís Xperience delivers on several levels.

Seth has over 20 years of multi-species experience and he shares all of his knowledge with the viewer. On the Anglerís Xperience you will never see Seth with a guide. He believes that an informed angler can tackle any species.

The Anglerís Xperience teaches not only through their television program but through their Secrets Revealed instructional video library, their AX Angling Academy, a 5 day school, taught by Seth, based on multiple species, their ground breaking AX Video gallery, which contains hours of archived video instruction as well as complete episodes and their Angling Academy instructional articles which are featured in large newspaper publications.

The Anglerís Xperience has recently opened an online tackle store, This site features tackle hand selected by Seth. Seth regularly utilizes tackle from AX Tackle, which gives the viewer the knowledge to pick the right lure for the job as well as how to use it properly. This takes the guess work out of tackle selection.

Seth Burrill Productions, Inc. and the Anglerís Xperience is dedicated to helping the fellow angler gain the knowledge they need to have success on the water no matter the species.